How to know my cat breed.

    You won't have any complications in detection of the cat breed after you know this app .

    Most cats around us in any place are cross-breeding means they came from different cat breeds all over time, and rarely there are pure breed cats.

    And many cat owners are seeking to find an easy way to detect their feline friends’ breeds.

    so let’s know first the most common feline breeds worldwide.

    Most common cat breeds worldwide.

    according to ” CFA – Cat Fanciers’ Association “, these are the most common domestic cats in the world.

    1.Ragdoll cats.

    2. Maine coon cats.

    3. Exotic.

    4. Persian.

    5. Devon Rex.

    How to know your cat breed.

    1. Ask a Vet or an expert.

    They can help greatly in detecting the cat breed.

    2. Use an online cat breed detector.

    as this app “cat scanner”.

    which is a free and easy way to know your cat’s breed with just your phone camera.

    Download Catscanner.

    The Cat Scanner app will identify your cat’s breed reliably in just a few seconds! Besides taking a picture, you can also record a video or upload an image from your gallery and even if the cat is a mixed breed the app can detect them also .

    the app description
    1. download from google paly .
    2. download from Apple .
    3. App website .

    source :
    Arabic vet-Alex.

    Mohamed Nasr
    Mohamed Nasr
    Hello everyone. I am Mohamed Nasr , a Vet student from Egypt , and I write online articles for Vet-Alex .

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